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eBranding Me offers its visitors invaluable content to aid in building a stronger personal brand. Furthermore, its “Reputation Index” is a unique service that helps Generation Y students develop a clear understanding of their current online presence and suggests steps to reach their individual goals.

While the FREE online content informs readers on how to best position themselves online, eBranding Me also offers one-on-one mentoring sessions to aid Generation Y students in building a stronger reputation. Visit our Services page for more information or schedule your session today!


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Solutions for Change in Education
College admission should not be the ultimate goal of education reform.

The Opportunities Project and eBranding Me announce Solutions for Change in Education, a series of white papers that reveal the shortcomings of higher education’s lack of focus on career development initiatives and highlight potential solutions.

In 2011, new college graduates are facing multiple obstacles in their efforts to launch their first careers, including record student loan debt, prolonged unemployment, and growing employer dissatisfaction with their abilities. Because of expanded job searches coupled with large loan payments, most new graduates will not break even on their investment in their bachelor’s degree until more than a decade after they graduate.


WordPress [HowTo] Guide for First Time Bloggers

The FREE guide explains what Generation Y students can blog about, how to set-up an account and customize its appearance. Written by Keith Petri of eBranding Me and Andrea Genevieve Michnik of Tech Academy, this eBook hopes to encourage more students to publish original content online.

This guide is a must have for all Generation Y students wanting to be heard and become influential!


Twitter [HowTo] Guide for First Time Users

There is no need to use more than 140-characters to express a thought in our fast paced society. Get involved, be heard and become influential. Just as in a traditional 30-second elevator pitch, learn how to get your point across with this simple to follow, informative guide.

This guide is a must have for all Generation Y students first beginning to use the micro blogging service!


Common Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Mistakes

With grammatical errors becoming less common thanks to “Spell Check” programs, many students are becoming too relaxed while editing their writing. Follow these simple guidelines to double check your work for some common mistakes the computer doesn’t catch!


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