Why Facebook Die Hards Need To Embrace Twitter When It Comes To Personal Branding

Amelia Hadfield is a recent university graduate and freelance writer, currently working with UK promotional gifts distributor Ideasbynet on their personal branding series. This resource helps guide job seekers through the ins and outs of developing an online personal brand.


There’s no doubt that Facebook has been an exceptional platform for connectivity and self-promotion since its inception. It can seem like the best option for keeping in touch and promoting your personal and business brand. However, when it comes to personal branding, Twitter that’s worth a look, and maybe even a ‘like’!


(1)   You’re going to reach another segment of social media users if you branch out beyond Facebook!

You wouldn’t go to a networking event and intentionally ignore a portion of the people there, so why would you pass on a social media tool that may help you touch more people? Twitter is a markedly different platform from Facebook, meaning there’s a potential for a new audience if you expand into the Twitterverse.

(2)   What about Facebook?

When it comes to personal branding, Facebook can be a tricky platform to utilise. In order to connect successfully with others and engage with them, there are so many more hoops to jump through than simply following and @mentioning someone on Twitter!

Simply put, Twitter is another way to get your name out there. The more people that see your name, the larger and more concrete your personal brand will become; just having a presence on one social media site isn’t going to give your personal brand the credibility you deserve.

If that alone hasn’t convinced you to get a Twitter handle and talk to your Tweeps, here are a few other key considerations:

  • Brevity: Twitter helps you to be concise, focused and to the point. 140 characters isn’t much, so you need to edit yourself to make an impact. Reducing your interactions down to the most important elements helps you become a clearer communicator.
  • Transparency: Your interactions on Twitter are public-facing, allowing more people to see who you are and what you’re about. On Facebook, privacy settings can prevent people from viewing your interactions, but on Twitter, everything you say can be seen by anyone. So if you’re having a smart back-and-forth with a peer, others can check it out and may be inclined to follow you.
  • Search-ability: That’s a nice segue into my personal favorite Twitter perk, its great search feature. If I’m looking to see what people are saying about certain areas of interest, a quick search often yields a few people who I begin to follow. Who says you can’t be someone that others follow? Tweeting about your own areas of interest and expertise is a great way to make connections with like-minded people.
  • Relevancy: Though Twitter has a smaller audience than Facebook, it’s worth noting that their growth remains steady. According to recent eMarketer stats, in 2011, Twitter followers grew 31.9 percent while Facebook users only increased 13.4 percent. Sure, Facebook is the big dog, but if you want to have a strong position in the social media scene, remaining relevant and accessible is key.
  • Celebrity: And while we’re talking about that smaller number of Twitter users, let’s not forget that they are a mighty bunch. Major news outlets, celebrities galore, public figures and important figures in all manner of industries are on Twitter. Heck, my feed includes tweets from the President, First Lady, a few favorite musicians and even Oprah. The opportunity to interact with someone influential is right at the tips of your fingers.
  • Easy: Finally, while it may not be the most compelling reason for some, those of you who value expediency might be swayed to move beyond the ‘book by noting that there is an easy way for your Facebook posts to be broadcast on Twitter.  One simple step and your social media influence could have a wider audience, with no need to create additional content. (For that matter, it’s also very easy to share your tweets on Facebook.)

So there you have it. Twitter is a growing platform that can help you reach a new, star-studded audience of like-minded people with concise communication that easily integrates with your beloved Facebook. What are you waiting for?

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